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Albany Park
Albany Park

Albany Park can be found on Chicago's northwestern side. Bordered by the Chicago River, Albany Park (approximately 3400 West and 4800 North) offers incredibly picturesque scenery and serene settings amid its range of community parks.

This neighborhood has been a settling place for many people new to Chicago. The area contains many ethnic shops, restaurants, and churches that cater to a number of different cultures and faiths. There are a few schools in the area as well.

On account of its reasonably priced properties and diverse population of roughly 58,000, the population of this neighborhood has expanded more than 25% in past two and a half decades.

Housing structures take the form of affordable bungalows, cottages, and small apartment buildings. Albany Park's large quantity of affordable housing is a tremendous attraction.

Albany Park is one of Chicago's most diverse neighborhoods, as varying groups of immigrants have decided to put down roots. There are at least 25 different languages spoken in Albany Park, and it is one of the top areas in the nation in terms of ethnic diversity, ranking within the top 5 most diverse zip codes. In fact, altogether over 50% of the residents are originally from countries other than the U.S.

Conveniently situated for commuters, Albany Park is approximately 20 miles from Chicago's O'Hare Airport, 17 miles from the downtown Loop. The area is just minutes away from the Edens Expressway and the Kennedy Expressway. In addition, the CTA Brown line runs through the neighborhood with stops at Kimball and Kedzie.

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